Delabar CTE System 
Education for Employment System #280


Earn College Credit

Through Career Preparation in High School

Articulated Programs Provide:

  • College Credit for skills learned at the high school level
  • Coordinated Curriculum that eliminates duplication of coursework at Carl Sandburg College
  • Transition from high school to college is easier because there is no break in the training


Questions & Answers


  • Q. How do I receive college credit?
  • A. Credit will be placed on the permanent Carl Sandburg College transcript after the student has successfully completed one advanced level course for which this coursework is a prerequisite.


  • Q. How do I apply for this college credit?
  • A. Application forms and procedures for requesting articulated credit are available at the bottom of this page or in the high school counseling offices. The form should be completed and submitted to the Carl Sandburg College Admissions Office.


  • Q. How many college credit hours can I receive?
  • A. You can receive up to six credit hours of advanced placement in the same career and technical education program offered at both Carl Sandburg College and member schools of Delabar CTE System.
  • Q. If I just pass the course, is that good enough?
  • A. No! You must earn an “A” or “B” to qualify. Remember, our goals are excellence and quality.
  • Q. Will this credit be accepted at all colleges?
  • A. There is no assurance that this credit will transfer to other colleges. This agreement is exclusive with Carl Sandburg College.
  • Q. If I need to work after graduation, do I lose this opportunity?
  • A. You have two years after high school to get started, then it expires.


Articulated Courses Between Member Schools of Delabar CTE System and Carl Sandburg College:

DCTES Course

CSC Course

Credit Hours

Accounting I and II (2 years)

ACC 101 - Principles of Financial Accounting 


Accounting I  (1 year)

ACC 100 - Procedural Accounting


Keyboarding and Formatting I & II  (1 year)

AOP 101 - Keyboarding & Formatting I


Keyboarding and Formatting I  (1 semester)

CIS 105 - Keyboarding & Computer Essentials



DRF 206 - Computer Graphics


Automotive Technology I and Automotive Technology II

AUT 101 - Spark Ignitions Engines I


Machine Shop I

MTL 101 - Machine Tool Fundamentals