Delabar CTE System 
Education for Employment System #280

Equipment Disposal Requests


All disposal requests for equipment purchased with Delabar CTE System funds can be submitted using the Equipment Disposal Request Form located on this page.

DCTES Policy on Disposal of Equipment:  All equipment purchased through the SYSTEM office with state or federal funds belongs to the SYSTEM and its member districts.  Equipment may be used as part of replacement costs if the school is able to find a supplier willing to take trade-ins.  Equipment that is no longer useful to the original school for its intended purpose must be offered to the other member schools prior to disposal.  If the other districts do not need the equipment, the original school district may throw away, give away or take donations from private individuals for the equipment, or the equipment can be resold.  All disposal of equipment is pursuant to Illinois State Board of Education Management Accounting Principles. 


Please complete this form to provide information relating to the request for disposal of equipment.  Upon completion of this form, please submit to:  Delabar CTE System, 105 N E Street, Suite 1, Monmouth, IL 61462.